About the Clockworks

“…wouldn’t the very knowledge that there are clockworks ticking away behind the wallpaper of civilization, unbeknownst to leaders, organizers and managers …, wouldn’t that knowledge, suggesting as it does the possibility of unimaginable alternatives, wouldn’t that knowledge be a bubble bath for your heart?”

         — Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

History of Clockworks Games

November 2012

Our first game, Koala vs. Octopus, goes live on iTunes and Steam.  This is the first of several games built using GameMaker Studio.

January 2013

Our experimental game, Urban Decay, is published to Steam.

February 2013

Shakespeare or Die goes live on multiple platforms.  Our most successful game to date!

May 2013

We publish You Can Quote Me.  Our final game using GameMaker Studio.

January 2015

After a long delay spent learning and experimenting with Unity, the Flying Drone Toolkit is released on the Unity Asset Store. 

June 2016

Updated the Flying Drone Toolkit to support virtual reality on the Oculus Rift.  Turn any Unity Asset Store environment into a 3D drone experience!

July 2017

Published the NPC Populator, to make it quick and easy to add many non-player characters to your game!

APRIL 2018

Accepted to the Oculus Start program.


Sharkferno submitted to the Oculus Store several times, with a variety of changes and improvements.


Launched Clockworks Game technical blog.


Sharkferno released on the Oculus Store.

4 months ago

The Clockworks
For anyone interested in ML-Agents, but thinking that it may be too difficult to learn, I've just released the first of several videos to explain how ML-Agents works and how to use it to create artificially intelligent NPCs. www.youtube.com/watch?v=shOUUOotOWk ... See MoreSee Less
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