We have some older games going back a few years that were created in GameMaker: Studio. These had been in iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, but we have not been maintaining these, giving priority to our newer projects. We hope to update these at some point and get them back in the app stores. You can still see them in Steam and some from the Windows Store.

Shakespeare or Die - A fun word game featuring
Shakespeare, witches, and a damsel in distress!
Play the thing!
Get it from Windows Store or Steam.
Urban Decay - The zombie apocalypse has hit New
York City! This game focuses on stealth, survival,
and strategy as you help the heroine navigate the
zombie-infested subway system.
Get it from Steam.
Koala vs. Octopus - It’s an Octopus Invasion! Help
Koala stock up on cheeseburgers before the
Octopus Apocalypse.
Get it from Steam.
You Can Quote Me - A fun and easy quote game. Unscramble the words to reveal the wisdom of
the ages. Wise, wonderful, and witty quotes.
Get it from Steam or Windows Store.