NPC Populator for Unity

The NPC Populator for Unity makes it quick and easy to add many free-roaming Non-Player Characters to your environment without writing any code. Only minimal configuration is necessary.  Get the NPC Populator now from the Unity Asset Store!

Included is an NPC Factory to automatically generate random humanoid NPCs based on humanoid models that you provide.  Many humanoid models from the Unity Asset Store will work.   Also included in the NPC Populator are scripts to animate your NPCs while they navigate through your environment.

Navigation uses Unity’s Navigation Mesh system along with a waypoint system that is provided by the NPC Populator.  Please see this video for more details and a demonstration:

Flying Drone Toolkit for Unity

Add flying drones to your Unity game!

Version 2.0 is now VR-enabled for the Oculus CV1.  Turn any Unity 3D environment into a VR drone experience.  Use this as the basis of a VR game, or just have fun flying around in VR!

The Toolkit can continue to also be used for non-VR applications, as before.

The flying drones can patrol, follow Game Objects, or be controlled by the player.

The Flying Drone Toolkit includes 2 flying drone 3D models and extensible scripts for drone behavior.

Programming is not required. Drones can be added using prefabs. Many parameters can be adjusted in the Inspector.  Or customize drone behavior by adding or modifying scripts. You can add your own 3D drone model by writing a short wrapper script.  Get the Flying Drone Toolkit now from the Unity Asset Store!

Videos on the Flying Drone Toolkit:

Introduction to the Flying Drone Toolkit
Flying Drone Toolkit – Quick Start
Add Flying Drones to your own Unity Environment
Flying Drones in Virtual Reality
Dynamic Waypoints for Flying Drones

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